Received anonymously by Swedish activists:

"On the night to the 7th of january we gained access to a rabbit farm in Olmstad in South of Sweden.

The rabbit farm breed rabbits for meat and show. They live in small cages without any contact with each other and without any possibillyties to act out their natural behaviour. This is why we felt that we had to take action and give the rabbits new homes where they will be able to jump, dig and everything else a rabbit ever could wish for.

We had homes for about 30 rabbits, which should have been the amount of animals that the farm usually keeps. But we were too late. The farmer, Kennert, had killed all but eight. Eight wonderful rabbits that we took with us and left the farm empty.

Now they all live peacefully at a farm somewhere in Sweden and within short we will release pictures of the saved animals for all to see.

DBF - Always on the animals side"

(Local media reported that each rabbit is worth 100 Euro.)