Received anonymously by activists in Argentina:

"We are not just people who talk about animal liberation, people who spend hours in internet debateing, or wearing t-shirts with radical messages. No and no. Our slogan is to rest our thinkings making them a reality, when we stop acting is because we are thinking the next thing, and when we stop thinking is because we are acting.

It was obvious that the three guards where not very good at this work. Two of them where playing cards, wile the third one was drinking alcohol. And we prefer not to talk about the alarm sistem which was just an intimidating tool which didn´t work.

Because of this, our plan needed more determination than hability. So we said "lets start". And after a few days we knew everything about the place. We purchased a van with three activists, radios, bolt cutters and balaclavas. the rest that we needed was to do it quickly. When they would realize about our visit we will be far away with rabbits and chikens.

Everything was perfect that night, no moon, a bit rainy... We went to the first entrance and we crosed an old fence with boxes in our hands... we could see the light of the room were the guards where drinking and playing cards, getting closer.

We were really close to the guards now. The guards realised about the action too late, when we where far away with our beautiful new guests.

Now we are going to rest, wich in our lenguage means that we are going to think about our next punch. To show a movement you have to walk.

FLA-Frente de Liberación Animal, Buenos Aires Cell"