"Direct Action Way" claims full responsibility for the operation in the brain research center, Bar-Ilan University (located outside Tel-Aviv, Israel).

We have been gathering intelligence about the place for a long time. When the conditions were right, the date and time were set. We penetrated the campus using a method that will certainly be used again in the future.

Running while ducked we arrived at our destination: the building of animal brain research, home of the sadism labs. Several graffiti messages were sprayed, including a dedication of this operation to Fani Ben-Shushan[*],
who was murdered by the Israeli government, and to Barry Horne, who was murdered by the UK government.

Then, we moved to the noisy part - breaking down the windows. After several tries, we concluded that the windows were "break-proof". We moved to using very heavy, dense rocks. Pieces of marble came very handy and are recommended. So were various rocks we found in the area.

End result: 5 large graffiti messages and 5 broken windows.

Since we are an unknown group, this first operation was minor and friendly.

Direct Action Way is not a closed group, but a way of life. Everyone is invited to join. Pick a target, collect intelligence, execute, disappear. If you can document your actions, do so. With time you will become more experienced and efficient.

Exploitation will not stop unless you stop it!!!

Direct Action Israel

[*] Fani Ben-Shushan was a woman who hosted dozens of cats in her apartment in Beer-Sheva, Israel. Her neighbors tried to have the cats removed and to harm them in various ways, and kept increasing the pressure until Fani could not take it anymore and committed suicide in December, 2004.