received anonymously:

"Around 15 fur hats and around 10 fur coats were destroyed with ink in the second hand store Myrorna in Örebro. It seems that almost every coat is gone now.

Myrorna insists that it's okay to sell fur because it's retail. Well, that sends a message to everyone who sees them that it's alright to buy them, which is supporting and financing cruel murder. And fur is not fur. It is murdering innocent defenseless animals......
For nothing........

Get a grip on reality. Stop approving cruelty, murder, speciesism.

Please choose compassion everyone out there, not greed. In spite that it's fashion.

Please don't buy the animals furs. Don't eat their meat. Don't buy the animal tested products.

Please don't harm. Compassion will save us all in the end. If there is any left that is. Is there?
We think so!!!!!! Make us proud now! Just do it!! Become Vegan Today. For life, literally.
The animals will love You!!!!

It's always the right time to do what's right.
-Martin Luther King

For everyone to watch:

-Örebro Compassion Front"