Received by activists in Spain:

"The afternoon of friday 17th we enter the campus of the University of Barcelona and liberated two dogs from the cages where they where jailed. We could rescue more if a visitor wouldn't ruined our party.

The left wing people of this university have big mouths when they talk about peace and respect, but later they encage and torture puppies under the excuse of a deformed progress. Close to the veterinarian faculty the dogs are jailed in a place where the human eyes are difficoult to find them, they are kept in horrible conditions (small and dirty cages, floor made of cement...) and waiting to the next experiment, as if they where another tool of the labs.

Who do they think they are to play with other's lives? There is no excuse to encage animals (human or not), even if that imprisonment could help the veterinary science. Would you think is OK to breed humans in cages to do medical research? The animals are not our ownership and the
oppresion of the animals is as wrong as the human oppresion.

We see this actions as the immediate and definite answer to cages. The animal prisoners don't have anybody, they see how their lives are being consumed behind the bars and try to escape this situation that they can't understand. We cant allow to continue this situation doing nothing, looking to another place and saying "they are just animals", "there are bigger problems in the world". Or we can understand that their situation is the same as ours, we can go out and hit the gear that makes profit from lifes, and help the prisoners.

We dont forget their desperate look behind the bars, and we don't pardon their jailers. Our biggest scorn to the ones that jail, torture and murder in this university. We know that your tortures don't finish in this university, but don't worry, we are watching you. We know who you are and where to find you. Don't doubt it: if we have to cross over you to liberate, we will do it.

-Enemys of the cages."