reported to the DBF/ALF Press Office, Örebro:

"'Recently the city of Örebro went totally fur free. So djurens befrielsefront decided to ban fur from now on and for ever. Everyone who breaks the prohibition will be targeted with militant direct actions. We won't forget the beings who are oppressed so visciously. And we will most certanly not let any of those who might even think of breaking this ban walk away unknown. We will even target those who wear or promote fur. This is our task and this is what we all live for. The freedom for all beings isn't too far away.'

- Other groups who have joined the ban and say that they will take necessary actions to keep the city fur free are so far: Örebro City Vegans, Commando 46, Örebro VSE, & Djurens Hämnare ('The animal avengers').

Following actions have recently been reported:

11 December: 'A fur was sprayed in the light of day in the central city of Örebro. A lady was wearing it when it suddenly turned red. This was soon after the ban. The message with this is: dont wear a bloody fur!/ Djurens Hämnare'

December: 'Örebro was (un)officially renamed to Örebro Vegan City, when that was painted in the undergrounds of "resecentrum". Next up is the world... /Örebro City Vegans'

2 december? 'Pizzeria kungen was smashed in örebro. They dont have falafel on the menu.(yet) /ÖCV'"