14 December:
"The fur shop Palskonfektion has been hit over 40 times so far, and last night it got a messy visit. Through a hole in a window we filled up the store with powder from a fire extinguisher. The whole shop turned white. Now that's what you get from not changing your broken windows!

From previous, similar actions we've read that these actions cost a fortune. All the furs and electronic equipment gets destroyed, and most likely the shop will have to pay thousands of crowns to clean it up (it sticks to walls and everything).

A pretty white, but mostly merry christmas to all of you!
Good old targets, but brand new ideas!

-Djurens Befrielsefront."

14 December
"Today we struck again!
In broad daylight we attacked the fur shop Nordiska Pals in Malmo, and two large windows were destroyed with glass etching fluid. The shop has been attacked over and over, and since they installed screens to cover their windows several actions has been targeting their home.
Last week their brand new mercedes benz was destroyed with paint stripper and glass etching fluid while parked in a garage near the shop.

They're safe nowhere, not even during the days.
These actions will continue, and increase until they close down/quit selling fur. Our advise is to consider closing, well, that is if they're interested at all in having a peaceful christmas...

No excuse for animal abuse!
-DBF, Swedish ALF."


Other actions reported by the Djurens Befrielsefronts Stodgrupp (DBF SG):
- 12 Dec. 2 fur shops glued
- ?? Dec. locks glued on a fur shop on Scheelegatan, Stockholm