Received anonymously by activists in Germany:

"Fisher Scientific sells instruments and laboratory equipment to the torture chamber Huntington Life Sciences with which the animals are tortured. Animal experiments cannot be carried out without a knife that dismember the animals or a needle that is stabbed into the veins.

Fisher Scientific is accessary to the agonies the animals have to suffer in the laboratories of Huntington Life Sciences and in other laboratories. No more business with HLS anymore or else you will be a global target of people who go in for animals in future, too. DROP HLS and other slogans were spraypainted in the last week on 4 transporters and a trailer of Fisher Scientific, standing in front of their german branch (Fisher Scientific GmbH, Im Heiligen Feld 17, 58239 Schwerte, (0 23 04) 932-5, Fax (0 23 04) 9 32-9 50 ), as well as "For Sarah" to who this action is dedicated. 36 tyres got slashed, paint stripper put on the transporter and white paint over the windows, the wipers got twisted and fillfoam put in the locks of the transporter. Veganism and animal liberation. TBF"