Received anonymously by activists in Germany:

"10.12.04 paint bombs on house of P&C-manager (Peek & Cloppenburg) More info on the on-going campaign against P&C:

P&C keeps unvaried to the fur trade.This means that the suffering of the animals for the fur industry doesn`t matter for the managers of P&C.This Ignorance has to be answered with actions that speak a clear language.we can not just look away when animals are caged and deprived of their life.

Therefore in the night hours of 10.12.04 at the house of P&C manager van Kaldenkerken was thrown 6 "paint bombs". That all can see, here lives someone whoms clean slate is dirty. Such remodellings will be repeated, if the business policy doesn`t change.We demand a public alienation from the fur trade. TBF

ps: paint bombs are easy to make. A bulb has to be rid of the plastic material first drill and then work with a gripper. Fill the paint in with a funnel and seal with polyurethane foam.the polyurethane foam has to be used at room temperature otherwise it wouldn`t work. The paint can be thinned than it runs better."