received anonymously by activists in Spain:

"The 8th of December we went to Pamplona (Vasque Country) so as to find an ABN-AMRO bank to attack it and show them that they are going to be the animal liberation movement's target everywhere until they stop getting money from the vivisection movement.

There was no ABN-AMRO in pamplona, so we changed our plans.

Pamplona is a very famous city in 'Spain' because of bullfighting (San Fermin Fiesta). The townhall decided to make honours to the cruel murder of bullfights and paid some people to make a 'nice' graffiti on a large wall. Inside that place the bulls are caged before making them running to the bullring.

That was our target, destroying the graffiti. We sprayed over it slogans such as 'Murderers', 'Torture, not art, nor culture', 'Stop torture', 'Go Vegan', 'FLA-DBF'...
The next time we will visit ABN-AMRO