Received anonymously by activists in Germany:

"10 dec - Delft: activists spraypainted slogans against the BPRC. Between the surroundings of TNO-Pharma and in the innercity.

4 dec - Nijmegen/Lent: Seven cashmachines and three chip machines have been glued, doors were sabotaged and slogans spraypainted. The ABN-AMRO is the bank of BPRC. ABN AMRO has to break the connections with BPRC.

3 dec - Zeist: The office of TNO Pharma is painted in red colours as a protest with their connections with the BPRC.

12 nov - Eindhoven:At 50 places slogans are spraypainted about the primate center BPRC in the city and the website.

10 nov - Groningen: ABN AMRO targetted"