Received anonymously by activists in Germany:

"In the night of 9 on 10 december supporters of action campaign Koen and Shac England glued the locks of TNO at the Utrechtseweg 48 at Zeist. This action was taken because of the connection of TNO Zeist and Huntingdon Life Sciences and the Biomedical Primate Research Center.

Recently information was leaked to the shac campaign that TNO and Huntingdon Life Sciences are having connections under the leading direction of professor E. Ram.

The connection of TNO with the BPRC is known for a longer period now. Huntingdon Life Sciences from England is with 70.000 test animals Europes biggest vivisection lab. The Biomedical Primate Research Center in Rijswijk is Europes biggest primate vivisection lab. TNO themselves do have a lot of animals in their buildings were they do tests on.

These three (and a lot more) torture centers have to close down and the struggle will never stop! We will never forget these animals within these labs!"