report by Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office:

"Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office is happy to release the news that activists keep their promise to take direct action when the local fur ban is broken.

Received anonymously:

'Pagelle is a swedish fashion chain with one of their 10 stores located in Örebros inner city. They have taken in fur this season and that both kills the animals and breaks the fur ban.
Action was taken: their facade and windows were sprayed down. Part of it with our demands, and the rest was covered in red paint...
The day after, we learned that the whole chain promised to not take in any more fur! That means 10 SHOPS GO FUR FREE!!!

We can't wait for some other group to act. We hear the cries of the mink, foxes and all the other tormented beings,


Received by Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office:

We Djurrättsmilisen, Swedish Animal Rights Militia, now stand behind Örebros fur ban. If you come to Örebro wearing fur- we are here waiting for you. If you are living in Örebro- you already know what to expect. If you are involved with this torture in anyway- from now on you can expect resistance in every way, every day.

Animal Rights Militia'"