reported anonymously:

"In the early hours of 11th of december the ALF attacked two Gagfah offices in Dresden, Germany. Gagfah is a housing company owned by Fortress. Fortress gave Huntingdon Life Sciences a 70 million dollar loan. This loan saved HLS, and is killing a lot of innocent lives. 500 animals die every day within the prison walls of HLS. This has to stop, Fortress has to make the decision to retract the loan, and save millions of animals from the torture inside HLS.

At the first office we smashed the windows of the fancy entrance and about 6 office windows. After we left, we saw the cops talking to people in front of the building. When big capital gets attacked the cops will come off their lazy asses within minutes. The second office we smashed all the windows on one side of the building while a lot of people were sitting inside a tram stop on the other side of the street.

Lets attack the forces that destroy our earth, lets fight against oppression, lets make this civilization collapse so once again we can all live free.

Animal Liberation Front"