Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"26 August 2004
Acting on information passed on by a disgruntled employee, activists have been busy throughout August sabotaging gas containment facilities belonging to BOC Gases. Slogans have been written, locks changed, gas cylinders turned off and gas pipes cut on BOC gas storage equipment located across Nottingham. Sites visited include the Nottingham Biocity, the research laboratories at the Queens Medical Centre, Highfields Science Park and various departments at The University of Nottingham.

As long as BOC continue supporting the unseen holocaust at HLS, direct and indirect attacks against them will continue."

"August 2004
Early august 2004... main gates of the BOC Gases (notorious HLS supplier) compound in Nottingham D-locked shut and windows smashed on 2 vehicles.

Letter writing, demos and direct action all play their part. Let's finish BOC's involvement with animal torture!"