reported to Örebro's ALF/DBF Press Office:

"In Örebro we took to the night to raise awareness about HLS - (Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company were 70.000 animals are constantly awaiting death in barbaric experiments, and 500 are killed a day.) - and especially the killing company Astra-Zeneca's dealings with them.
The police house wall was sprayed down with messages against drugs - and animal testing which are inseparable.
Also we encouraged the thousands of people that pass each day to take action against HLS & AZ's cruelty.
We sprayed 2 tunnels just at the police house, and one other at the south side of the city. Also the big school of Virginska was sloganized. (A school where they for example teach how to cut up animals for food.)
We also sloganized the south station with anti-vivisection messages. At all locations the Mega abusers of AZ was the no1 priority of the imporant messages- all because they are the biggest customer of HLS and therefore fund the mass killings.
For all
Örebro:s serious Vegans"