Reported by activists in the Netherlands:


17/05/04 - Someren: two vans and a truck burned down of Enki Rabbitslaughterhouse.

19/05/04 - Voorschoten/Leiderdorp: Paintbombs at BPRC directors house Ronald Bontrop

25/05/04 - Groningen: 100 circussigns destroyed. DBF.

28/05/04 - Amsterdam; 4 cashmachines of ABN AMRO sabotaged and slogan CLOSE DOWN BPRC painted. Also slogan on headoffice and butteracid thrown. DBF.

09/06/04 - Nijmegen; Casmachines ABN AMRO sabotaged and windows and doors painted with slogans like CLOSE DOWN BPRC.

20/06/04 - Voorschoten/Leiderdorp; Paintbombs thrown at house Ronald Bontrop and Margreet Jonker of the BPRC.

15/06/04 - Hengelo: Walls of ABN AMRO painted.

17/06/04 - Arnhem; All cashmachines in the Centre sabotaged. Slogans like CLOSE DOWN BPRC, and STOP THE MONKEYHELL painted on headoffice ABN AMRO.

28/06/04 - Den Haag/Nijmegen; Cashmachines ABN AMRO sabotaged.

02/07/04 - Eemshaven: Thousand genetic manipulated potatoes destroyed of Avebe.

03/07/04 - Zwanenburg: Two cars of Sankyo Pharma (connection HLS) sabotaged and slogan spraypainted. DBF.

11/07/04 - Breukelen: The roof of chickenslaughterhouse Van Miert burned down. The damage is 3 million euro. The slaughterhouse was almost starting again after the first arson attack a year ago. The slaughterhous is out of order for over a year. ALF RC.

14/07/04 - Arnhem: Circussigns of Circus Renz destroyed. DBF.

23/07/04 - Zeist: Windows destroyed of animal testing laboratory Covance.

04/08/04 - Voorschoten; Paintbombs thrown at the house of BPRC director Bontrop."