Reprinted from No Compromise:

July 14, 2004

Kim Berardi re-appeared before the Seattle Federal Grand Jury on July 14th to answer questions about her involvement and associations within the animal rights movement. The ridiculous questions ranged from where she stayed and organizations involved during a series of anti-fur protests back in 1999 to whether or not she has any remote knowledge of recent underground earth and animal liberation activities in the North West.

Ultimately, the series of questions focused on what appears to be the government's attempt to gather intelligence on the associations of well-known aboveground activists.

Despite Kim having an unhelpful "memory condition" (as described by Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Friedman) she remains free and the Feds have once again demonstrated to the movement that they've got a big handful of nothin'.

So remember, these grand jury proceedings and federal probes thrive on secrecy and intimidation. Assert your right to remain silent and keep the movement informed of every move the Feds make and every question they ask. Someone's freedom is depending upon it...