Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"Simon Turner (65 Park Road, Barton Under Needwood, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 8DB, United Kingdom) works for the Halls at Darley Oaks guinea pig farm. Mr Turner works in the sheds of this hell hole and sees the suffering of the defenceless guinea pigs up close. He then drives them to their painful deaths at vivisection labs such as Huntingdon Life Sciences.
Recently, Simon Turner wrote in the Burton Mail of his support for new police powers to marginalise peaceful protests against this kind of vile business. What he and other such scum will now see is that as it becomes harder to campaign legally more people will turn to direct actions to make their point.

This week approximately 900 assorted catalogues were ordered for Simon Turner off the internet and sent to his home address. The attack was completely automated and only took about an hour using a new computer program. Sending off for free catalogues and junk mail for animal abusers has been a tactic for years but in the past it had to be done by hand and it took weeks to do what can now be accomplished in an hour using modern technology. The sheer volume and speed of this new form of the attack makes it extremely effective. The new computer program, known as Postman Pat, is very easy to use and will be distributed to activist groups over the next few weeks.