Received anonymously:

7 August
"A group calling themselves the primate retribution squad sent letters last week to neighbours of two vivisectors who test on monkeys in the Cambridge area. The letters informed the neighbours of where these people lived and what they were up to and called for them to make these people unwelcome in their community.

The letters were headed with the address of Shelagh Hill listing her Sherbourne address in Dorset and her phone number. Shelagh holds functions to raise funds for Oxford University and until they pull the plug on the new lab will continue to be a target. Altogether 200 people received the letters.

In the week before these letters were sent out Shelagh was visited late evening at her home in Sherborne and her garage door lock and front door lock were both filled with superglue.

Yours for the animals."

6 August
"The following few days after Montpellier pulled out of the Oxford Uni project activists phone blockaded the University main number with over 300 calls over various times of these days. This resulted in the lot of the times these calls not being answered as they were so fed up and just let the phones ring. Not good if someone is desperate to get through. These blockades will continue but next time on a more intense scale."