actions reported to Örebro's Djurens Befrielsefront / Animal Liberation Front Press Office:

"The SUV-car wheels of a fish killer at Svartån in Örebro was cut by fish friends. Less money for torture and earth pollution ;)"

"'Village kebab' had not yet learned their lesson that they should not put up commercials for dead bodies. We therefore once again took down every single one of the visible commercial signs around Örebro City. We do it for every single life form on this earth, until everyone if FREE.
remember: 'Meat eaters' = MASS MURDERERS!
-Örebro City Vegans"

"Herrmans Fisk & Delikatesser got its locks glued, just the day before the opening after summer holiday. We thought it was a fine welcome- to NOT be able to do blood trading. Who the hell sane person actually wants that? We wish Thomas Herrman a good day OUTSIDE his filthy mass grave of a shop, that soon will be as closed as the one in Kumla..."

"Slogans were painted all over the empty bird prison in Stadsparken. DBF/ALF, FREEDOM and the ALF 'LOGO' is to be read all around the destroyed jailhouse for the innocent."

"We took a 'A- frame' with tenderloin etc. to a place out of sight. FLESH FREE FUTURE