La oveja negra

anonymous report (click here for more photos of the actions):

"Today 28/4/10 we made the first ALF action in this city, because it was the first we didn't do anything too risky.
We went to a pair of veterinarys and pet shops where many animals died of hungry, poison or another diseases.

One of them is called 'La oveja negra' (the black sheep), in that place exotic animals are sold although the law doesn't allow it. And they provide animals to people who practice religions where animals are sacrified in rituals.

'La oveja negra' (Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): We tagged 'Animal Liberation' and stuck some posters saying: 'Exotic animals are sold here'.

Then, we went to a veterinary called 'Mis mascotas' (My pets) where they sell you sick animals to sell you the medication too, and once they sold a dog without vocal cords.

'Mis mascotas' (Pictures 6, 7, 8 and 9): We also tagged 'Animal Liberation' to send the same message and sticked some poster saying: 'Here puppys without vocal cords and sick are sold'.

We visited a leather and fur shop called 'Cuero y piel' (Leather and fur) and tagged: 'Fur is murder'.

'Cuero y piel' (Pictures 10 and 11)

And to finish we went to another veterinary named 'La cucha del perro' (The dog house) where many animals died and neighbors manifested their anger against the owner.

'La cucha del perro' (Picture 12). We also tagged and sticked posters.

Thanks for exist, long life to ALF! Greetings from Mar del Plata, Argentina."