Received anonymously by the ALF SG in Holland:

"Thousand euros damage and a lot of trouble for Yamanouchi employee Bruins as a consequence for our night out. In March we threw 2 cans of paintstripper on the yellow Ford Kia which was parked in front of the house at the schemperserf 11 in Staphorst. The paintstripper destroyed the paint of the car and is available at every do it yourself or paintshop. The tyres of the car we slashed with a pricker. Within 2 minutes we disappeared in the night.

Yamanouchi, your employees and everyone we suspect to have contacts with the company are our targets. We will come to the houses of your employees to vandalize it. When Yamanouchi drops all contacts with HLS we will leave the employees alone.

HLS is a torture and destructioncenter for monkeys, rats, rabbits, dogs and cats. We will destroy HLS and liberate the animals. Yamanouchi, better not stay in our way!

Animal Liberation Front"