Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

"On Wednesday Animal Liberation Front volunteers paid a visit to ACS office supplies in a busy industrial estate in Northampton. After jumping the fence we trashed their windows with hammers before escaping to the beautiful sounds of wailing police sirens and security alarms.

We then took to our next target, B & V Water Treatment, just outside Northampton where we trashed more windows with hammers. Unfortuantly the big entrance did not cave in after repeated blows, perhaps they have a reason for installing bullet proof glass? We left the slogan "Sprayed - Check, Smash - Check, Burnt...?" on the site in white spray paint.

Both these companies are suppliers of Huntingdon Life Sciences, and after repeated requests from the fluffies they still do business and keep Huntingdon afloat. Supplies and customers are both vital life lines to research centres.

We will make this point clear: this is not about opinions, this is not about human choice, this is not about having human mouths to feed, and this is not about debate - this is about one thing: the fact that every single day 500 individual, sentient creatures with their own thoughts and feelings are dying in the most horrendous ways and regardless of security alarms, lights, fences, injunctions, or even the filth we will not be stopped from fighting for those animals until every fucking place like Huntingdon is a pile of smoldering ashes, and we will continue to force suppliers out of doing business with HLS.

So far this year, suppliers have had bricked windows, their sites smashed up, their employes cars paint-stripped resulting in tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage and break-ins.

For any company working with HLS - watch out, injunction or not, we are coming for you.

Hands off the animals.

Animal Liberation Front"