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"On the night of 9th of April we raided a mink farm near Carral, a town of Galicia (Spain). We liberated 6500 female impregnant minks by making a hole in the wall and opening a big door. We also destroyed some of their property of torture and murder.

Our action caused aproximately 300,000 euros of damage. Untill all are free! Freedom for animal and earth liberation prisoners!"

Hundreds of mink on the loose
From correspondents in Madrid
April 14, 2004

POLICE and health officials were today hunting for hundreds of mink that escaped from a fur farm in northwest Spain at the weekend after being purportedly set free by an animal rights group.

"These animals are very dangerous and can inflict painful bites when cornered," said Jesus Manuel Raso, environmental advisor to the mayor of Carral, in Spain's Galicia region where the mink were set free.

According to Raso, 6500 mink escaped from a fur farm through holes bored into the side of the farm's barn walls. Some 800 mink were still on the loose, while 500 have been found dead.

Sources close to the investigation said a group known as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was suspected of freeing the furry mammals whose pelts are much sought after for making expensive fur coats.

Graffiti saying "For a life of liberty" and signed by the organisation was found scrawled on a barn wall at the mink ranch.