Various reports received anonymously by activists in Norway:

"Norway, various actions:
-29. March: A fur-shop at Majorstua, in Oslo has one window broken by anonymous activists.

-9. April: A fur-shop in Oslo has a commercial sign cut down by anti-fur activists.

-9. April: A fur shop in central Oslo, who still haven't replaced it's broken front windows after previous attacks, has another side-window smashed up. It's going down for this shop!

-10. April: The area around the "labdog-breeder "Loken Gard" are spraypanted with slogans. The norwegian ALF - Dyrenes Frigjoringsfront - claims responsibility. In a press communiqe DFF said they also left some powerful firecrackers outside the farm, to wake up the owners of Loken Gard and to make them feel the resistance. "Next time it will be a real bang," DFF also says in the communique.

-12. April: The norwegian ALF - Dyrenes Frigjoringsfront - claims responsibility for hitting a fur shop in Ski, Ostfold. This is the second time the shop is hit this year. Slogans were spraypainted, locks glued and powerful firecrackers attached on the windows to blow them up. According to a local newssource the fire-crackers were stopped by the police who reached the store before the time-delay mechanism had ignited the fire-cracker."