actions reported to Örebro's DBF/ALF Press Office:

"Early April - Örebro: All the SUV cars that were found in the darkness of örebro citys north part got their wheels fucked up.
A SUV can emit as much as 6 times as much Co2 as a normal car, a one that is driven by FOSSIL FUEL. Also animals and nature is exploited in all the process, when it comes to cars. From mines- for the immense amounts of metal they need, to the forest with all its inhabitants, that gets cut away to build roads for those murdermachines called cars. The list never ends.
Jordens Befrielsefront/ JBF - ELF

April - Eskilstuna: Big MC-Donalds commercials were destroyed! /DBF

April - Eskilstuna: The biggest hellhole in the City of Eskilstuna MCmurder (mcdonalds some call it) was crushed. Many stones was once again thrown into the 'restaurant' whose market idea is to sell grinded animal bones, fat and muscles as 'cheap' as they can and make YOU believe it's food. MURDER and ANiMAL LIBERATION was painted at the stone steps outside.

April- Eskilstuna: A rain of glass bottles was reaching the meat/grill house at WILLYS parkinglot. Then their windows as nothing but a memory...DBF

10 april- Eskilstuna: Litells murder sign was torn down AGAIN! Just at the central station

Nyköping: A bottle of urine, and trash from their own murderbusiness was placed outside the gates of MCdonalds in Nyköping.
/MCdonalds TRASHing CREW"