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Local School's Animals Stolen
Roxborough, April 13, 2004 - The FBI is looking for suspects who stole a number of animals from Saul High School.

Click Here for more news on's menagerie of Animals & Oddities. Investigators are considering the thefts an act of domestic terrorism, due to the following message scrawled on the walls:

Experiment on yourselves...we are free... The Animals Sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, four puppies were stolen from their home. The beagles lived in a state-of-the-art kennel at the W.B. Saul Agricultural High School.

A student -- who'd been caring for the puppies over the school break -- discovered the theft.

The other building is the Small Animal Center. Ten rats, three hamsters, two chinchillas, a mouse, eleven gerbils and a ferret and most of their cages were taken from here.

The thieves apparently broke through a vent in the door and then pushed it open.

An environmental group called the Earth Liberation Front is being investigated for similar break-ins in other parts of the country. But so far, the FBI isn't making that link here.

The students say their school should never have been targeted... since they don't do experiments on animals -- they just learn to care for them.

If the animals aren't found, the school will try to raise the money to have them replaced. But teachers and students alike are very concerned that whoever took the animals isn't caring for them as well as they were cared for here.

Meantime, the investigation is continuing.