Various reports received anonymously by activists in Sweden:

"-Falkenberg 10 April. Local media reports that a truck belonging to a chicken slaughterhouse got set on fire and totaly destroyed. 2 other trucks were totaled by the fire as well.

-Stockholm 28 March. "We were inspired by an etched window at a furshop and later that night we glued the locks on a nearby fishing and gamestore"
-Somewere in Sweden in April, "Circus posters and banners destroyed -DBF on tour."
-Stockholm 29 March. "A furrier gets 10 windows painted with red coloured etching fluid"
-Gothenburg, March. "Christin pals (fur shop) is painted with etching fluid. - Fur is murder -DBF"
-Malmo, 11 March. "Nordiska Pals (fur shop) got jet another visit by the DBF. All over the entance paint was poured. On the other side of town Canbaz skinn (an other fur shop) got paint smeared on their sign and wall. the furshops in Malmo is never to be left alone. the struggle continues! -DBF"