Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

Thursday 25th March
Our group paid a call on Miss Hazel Gunn, 16 Goring rd, Dagenham. With her car neatly parked in her drive we unleashed a load of stripper whilst listening to the sound of all her tyres being blown. We despise you Daiichi and all of you employees you have all had time to leave. You know the facts, it is your choice. No matter how pissed off you were it is only a fraction of how really pissed off we are.

Another group targeted Daiichi sales rep Mr Fairey 2 Chalgrove rd, Thame, Oxon. He must be very worried about his cars as they both had covers on them. Also an alarm went off. Never mind we still slashed his tyres and poured red paint over the front of his house.

A third group thought Amersham needed a reminder that some of us are not into fluffy demos anymore we know what works best for the animals. Mr Brydon of 22 Hill rd London NW8 9QG. With his nice new car parked behind the gates we only had one option but to throw the stripper all over the front of it. Slogans were also sprayed on the front wall.
There is a lot of money to be made out of those animals pain at hls. We intend to make you spend that money on fixing your cars and property. Just be thankful we are peaceful and do not want to physically hurt you.

On the same evening Yamanouchi at West Byfleet had their Gates sprayed with "Who's Next?" Also Yamanouchi Killers on nearby hoardings was sprayed.