received anonymously:

"In Sweden, Göteborg, we visited Slottsskogen animal park. As we entered the place we destroyed signs and painted over maps. We began cutting up protection fences to some areas, we didn't move to any animal here because it's mainly seals and penguins here that is impossible for us to rescue (which is sad as it is easy to reach them!). So we didn't let any animal out as we're unsure of what would happen to them. After doing a lot of damages to their fences we hit the glass walls to the now emptied bird cage with a baton but they were too thick to break and the sound echoed through the streets. We instead left messages all over the birdcage's glass-walls, 'SCUM', 'HERE ANIMALS ARE BEING TORTURED', and so on. We continued to the seals prison where we poured out thick black ink over the walls and windows and spray painted 'ANIMAL ABUSERS' and 'DBF' everywhere, so no human scum can look at the animals from these windows, as animals aren't meant to live for our entertainment! Basically, in graffiti-terms, we bombed the place with the words 'ANIMAL ABUSERS' and 'TORTURE'. Some security doors and a ice cream shop were painted too.

Funny thing is that the message 'SCUM' left at one of their maps from some months ago is still there.

DBF / ALF Sweden"