Compiled by activists in Italy, from anonymous reports:

These are some of the latest actions occurred in

March 11 - Bologna
Two vivisectors working for Rizzoli Laboratories, customers of Morini farm, received a visit at their house with spraypainted slogans and unspecified "gifts" left in their gardens.

March 13 - Torino
Two more vivisectors of RBM labs had the tyres of their car trashed and "No RBM" written with paintstripper on it. One of the car received this treatment in the afternoon on a supermarket parking lot, while the vivisector was inside for his shopping. RBM is a contract testing lab under a continuous campaign that went on for 2 years now. The local
authorities have injuncted all activists not to protest anymore in the lab area. In may there'll be a national demo against this form of repression.

March 19 - Arezzo
In the night 17 butchers and 2 fur shops have been painted. On the entrance of a big butcher shop in the city centre an unexploded incendiary device has been found. Local activists have been raided the day after this action.

March 24 - Gonzaga (Mantova)
1 million euros of damage is estimated after machinery and forage buildings at 3 different dairy farms have been burned down in the night. A spraypainted slogan read "Farmer, for your safety change work - ALF".

April 1 - Firenze
The ALF claimed responsibility for the liberation of hundreds of rodents from a University oncology lab. The action has been claimed at a press agency, and the university confirmed it.